Challenger Decks and Guides on GwentDB

My two challenger decks that I didn’t ruthlessly steal from other distinguished members of our community are now up on GwentDB, together with comprehensive (and perhaps a little too long winded…) guides about how to play them.

My Skellige Discard:

Challenger discard.png

My Nilfgaard Mill:

challenger mill.png

(Disclaimer: These decks both did exceptionally well for me in the tournament, but I by no means claim that they’re the best choices for ladder. But, if you’re tired of playing neverending Scoia/Henselt/Consume matches, give these decks a go, they may surprise you)

Also, it’s INCREDIBLY awesome to see other content creators making videos about my decks (which you can find below). Huge shoutout to Crokeyz and Knowledgeless, go watch their stuff!



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