Aych’s Foltest Ballistas: Gameplay and Guide

Hey Guys, i’ve been overwhelmed by the support for my top16 Challenger decks and guides on GwentDB (over 15000 views and both making it to the weekly front page!). People even made videos about my decks – huge shoutout to crokeyz, knowledgeless, and the mighty McBeard for that!

So, like many of you I’ve been somewhat annoyed by the Brouver/Dagon/Henselt rollecoaster – get me off mr rethaz’s wild ride (jk, you know we all love you for all the community work you do!). And eventually, discard Skellige wasn’t helping me do anything but plummet in the ranks! So, I tried a few things and I think the deck I’ve stumbled upon might be a good answer to the meta: http://www.gwentdb.com/decks/17182-aychs-ballistas-w-guide

It’s not exactly revolutionary, other people have had similar ideas… it’s more of a natural progression from the classic foltest list. A pretty good one. I also made a gameplay video for the deck. It’s a little rough around the edges (this is my first foray into the depths of YouTube), but I hope you like it, and any and all feedback is appreciated/required (give it to me!).

Also, here’s a bonus gameplay video; playing the deck against AdamNadrac’s famous Fire Medic list:

Anyway, I know gwent is a little stale right now, but I hope some of you find salvation with this deck, or even better – with your own unique creation!


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